🪵 March Book Haul

I chose this payday to finally get my hooves on some books I’ve been seeing so much about in the furry fiction spaces.

The Skeleton Crew – Gre7g Luterman

  • To start, Gre7g Luterman’s science fiction series The Kanti Cycle has shown up on several Twitter recommendation lists.

Long Way Home – Gre7g Luterman

  • Another one that caught my eye while exploring Luterman’s website. As a big sci-fi lover, I think I’ll like this one.

Traitors, Thieves, and Liars – Rick Griffen

  • Rick Griffin is a nominee for this year’s Ursa Major Awards with the second novel in his recent trilogy, The Final Days of the White Flower II. When scanning over the nominees, I remember my interest being caught by The Captain’s Oath, but I had some trouble hunting it down for myself.

Shadow Cast – R.A. Meenan

  • Another one recommended to me, this time by traversing the Furry Writer Guild’s March newsletter. The sequel to this novel, Brothers at Arms, was released last month and was announced by the FWG. At the time, I was planning on downloading a sample of the first chapter before deciding on whether or not to buy.
    To my surprise, I was pleased to find that this author has free works featuring other characters of theirs available on the Kobo store (where I tend to buy my e-books). The first of these I read, White Assassin, was really such a page-turner! I was able to read the majority of it during my breaks at work, and came home to finish the rest in one sitting. Though, upon closer inspection, I see that I’ve absolutely read this in the wrong order chronologically, I still find that White Assassin held up well enough as a stand alone story that I never felt that I was lacking in understanding along the way.
    The fact that I’ve already found myself enjoying Meenan’s writing, the small sample of it which I started with, gives me high hopes that this series will be perfect for me.

Bringing Down Upworld – Kandrel

  • The end of Goal Publishing means a lot to me and it’s something I plan on reflecting on in an upcoming post. For now, I’ll say that Bringing Down Upworld is another novel I’ve seen floating around now that it seems to be award season. Bringing Down Upworld was nominated for the 2021 Coyotl Awards, and it seems like my favorite flavor of novel.

Thrill of the Hunt – Rechan

  • Anthologies, I’m learning, are fairly popular in furry spaces since they seem to allow manny authors to write around a particular theme and, at least from my perspective, they’re more accessible to audiences from both a publishing standpoint and a readers standpoint. The themes here all seem really fun and I think I’ll enjoy this!

reWritten – Jako Malan

  • This one I’ve had my eye on for a while, ever since encountering Goal Publications for the first time at my first ever furry convention. Malan had me at dystopia.

Over all, I’ve spent about $40 on this haul, which doesn’t feel bad at all considering that my library has seven new books!

Up next on my TRL, the Difursity Collection Vol. 2 for obvious reasons.

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